Some tips to choosing the right brand name for your business

Published Friday, 5th February 2021

If you’re naming your business, your product or your startup, it can be hard to know what makes a good brand name. All business owners aim to come up with a memorable one.

Putting serious thought into creating your brand name will save you a lot of time and money down the road.

Here are some simple things you’ll want to think about when choosing your brand name:

  • Make sure your brand name is unique. If one of the words in your company name is a common word or phrase, you’ll want to avoid using it completely (e.g. if you’re a tax consulting company, don’t call yourself Tax!).
  • Think about the personality of your company and how that might inform the overall tone of your brand name (e.g. quirky, sophisticated).
  • Make sure people can spell and pronounce your company name.
  • Make sure the domain is available!

With so many options out there today for finding and designing your business’s logo, it’s worth spending some time brainstorming and researching what will work best for you when choosing a brand name that sticks.

The perfect brand name should “evoke a strong emotion in the consumer or in the business owner”. 

Nostalgia works

It is for this reason that many brands use names that create a sense of nostalgia. This can tap into the consumer’s childhood memory or create a feeling of sentimentality. 

Catchiness is key

Catchiness is important as this can help consumers to remember your brand name more easily. Fun, catchy words are best, and they make your brand name fun to say, especially when used on your marketing materials. 

Be evocative

When you hear it, you should get an immediate sense of what the company does and how it can help you or your business.

Mascots are fun

You may want to consider developing a mascot for your brand. You can choose something cute like a piglet or something elegant like an eagle for a memorable image.

It’s important to remember that you are trying to evoke an emotion in your customer and leave them with a lasting impression of your brand. When it’s time to come up with a name, these tips can help you on your way to finding just the right fit for your brand.

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