What is a website URL?

Published Monday, 8th February 2021

A website URL is the address that you type in your browser to get to a web page. The url of any website is a simple text string made up of three parts, each separated by a slash:


URLs, or Uniform Resource Locators, are the web addresses you see in your browser’s address bar. They are the means by which you reach other websites or pages online. Without URLs, you would not be able to get from one page on a website to another.

The key components of a website URL are

  1. The protocol – HTTP or HTTPS (http://www.stripps.io, https://www.stripps.io). This tells your browser what type of connection to open with a remote server.
  2. The domain name (including the top-level domain – .com, .io, .org, .net) that identifies a site. This lets you know that you're connected to the right site.
  3. The path leading to a specific web page (for example, /about-us/). This gets your browser to the right place on a site.

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