Securing your site to maximise traffic and conversions

Published Tuesday, 9th February 2021

The internet should be a safe and secure place to conduct business and transact. It’s your brand, your product, and your reputation. When this isn’t the case, it can lead to problems ranging from privacy concerns to lost sales. That’s why securing your site with an SSL certificate is important.

A typical HTTP URL will look something like this:, whereas HTTPS is the protocol behind a secure website. The “S” stands for secure and encrypts the transferred data, for example:

HTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is the secure version of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). When you load a website without HTTPS you are loading a document via your browser over HTTP. This document can be easily intercepted by third parties while traveling to your browser. HTTPS works by encrypting your connection, thus preventing any potential third-party interception from occurring.

In order to enable HTTPS on your website, you’re going to need an SSL certificate and to make sure you have a host that supports HTTPS.

As of January 2017, all HTTP websites are flagged as ‘not secure’ by Google in its Chrome browser. By implementing HTTPS, website owners can make their sites more secure and enjoy many benefits, including higher search engine rankings, increased trust among visitors, and better conversion rates.

What happens if I don't have an SSL certificate?

Not having an SSL certificate could mean a customer can experience one of the following:

  • They try to input their details but receive a warning message.
  • They are unable to purchase something
  • They are unable to complete a registration form They see a padlock icon in their browser when accessing your site
  • This could potentially lead them to leave your site and look at alternatives, which can be damaging for your business.

Great news!

All Stripps websites come with a SSL Certificate already installed. These are the complications that we feel are for us to worry about, leaving you free to run your business with one less stress.

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